We love events! They are part of our DNA 🙂 With every new meetup we aim to create great opportunities to focus, collaborate and grow by bringing the best speakers to learn from. Do you know that the monthly membership includes free access to all of our community & startup events?

Our community events

We can’t make the world a better place just by talking about it. We’re doers! And so are you! Being here already proves that. You will be surrounded by creative people, innovators, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small startup teams.

Meet the owner

From owner to owner, on how to build a company from scratch. And make it big!

Investor Day

What are investors and VCs looking for? Well, ask them directly.

Expert Meeting

On marketing or sales, UX or time management, we’ll provide you the specialist for your needs.

Community Meetup

Celebrate your work, relax and socialize with your fellow companions. Drinks may be involved.

Host your own event

Planning to organize an event downtown Bucharest? A meeting, an workshop, product launch or a networking event? Find out how V7 Studio can help with your next event.
Sala sedinte corporate


For up to 10 persons

Up to 15.70 mp

Smart TV for presentations


Corporate events Bucharest

Larger Events

For up to 70 persons

Up to 250 mp

Smart TV for presentations


Both of them are ideal creative rooms for various meetings like conference calls, interviews, brainstormings, regular meetings with clients, contract signings, presentations or business workshops. We’ll make sure there is enough space for your ideas. For an individual tour and full selection of options, Book a Tour and come have a look.
*At your request, our partners at Wineful bar can provide you with full catering options.

Modular venue

Central location

Wineful catering