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Testimonials from our Community

We had the pleasure of hosting the non-profit Equilibrium event on the 14th of May at V7 Startup Studio, a space that contributed to creating an optimal learning environment for the students who participated. The space was suitable for the needs of the students, having all the necessary devices for an efficient organisation. The rooms were spacious and could easily accommodate the 65 participants. At the same time, the atmosphere of the location gave the participants a feeling of home.

― Silvia Iacobescu, Business Organization for Students

The community V7 Startup Studio gathers and nurtures is so inspiring! The people I met here are driven, curious, creative and so open to sharing knowledge, opportunities and fun stories! It’s a great place to work from - you’ll love the vibe and the good coffee options around. I’d recommend it to any freelancer or entrepreneur who’s looking for more than just a workspace.

― Oana Groza, PR Consultant

An environment where I felt more than welcomed since the first step inside. Designed with passion and love, the space offers a good working and chilling vibe that made me come again and again to work from there. Having a co-working space as main place to be, proved more than I thought. I connected with people that helped me get into communities and expand our network beyond expectations – How to Web, Wfounded podcast, Alexandru Dumitru investor.

― Alexandra Voinea, Co-founder Motum

For us at How to Web, 2022 was of crucial importance and V7 Startup Studio crew acted as a partner and true believer in our mission. Along the way it felt like home at V7 Startup Studio. Whether we worked and hanged out within the team or friends and collaborators paid us a visit at the hub, we always had a strong feeling that we belong here. At V7 Startup Studio we also found great minds with whom to crunch ideas and every time we sought for help we found it in one of the fellow colleagues at the hub. This way we got tons of help and insights on design matters, event planning, blockchain and the list can easily go on. There's a great mixture of giving and receiving going on at V7 Startup Studio, gotta' come see it!

― Alexandru Agatinei, CEO How to Web

At V7 Start-Up Studio, everyone is at home, whether they're a seasoned business mogul or a entrepreneur hungry for their first big break. It's well-known for its elegant shared facilities, top-notch amenities, and convenient downtown location. In the middle of Bucharest, you'll find a fantastic coworking space. Bathed in natural light and there is an outdoor terrace perfect for summertime happy hours or other get-togethers and the vibe is casual and welcoming. V7 is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers and new businesses as it combines the best aspects of conventional workplaces and private clubs. Miriam and Edo deserve a ton of credit for being the kind of helpful and friendly coworkers who make it easy to enjoy your time at the office. The location is excellent, and there are plenty of delicious places to eat nearby during your lunch break. The greatest benefit of working in such a fantastic place is undoubtedly the chance to contribute to the fantastic projects created by the people on site. From this year's phenomenally successful How to Web Conference to our work with V7 on the first permanent NFTs Gallery to our partnership with Tomorrow Forest to reforest the bear habits and construct urban forests.

― Andrei Badita, Blockchain expert & entrepreneur, Founder of EX FUTURO DAO and Mos Martin Club
Our experience at V7 Startup Studio has been and continues to be an extremely pleasant one. Beyond the constant support of Miriam and Edo, the community is very ”well-knit” and always willing to help and contribute to various projects. One of the biggest advantages has been the fact that the community is united by the same passions and goals. As an environmental foundation, we have enjoyed the support of colleagues in the planting actions we have had. We also collaborated with 2 other teams in the space: Confidas, with whose help we identified the right companies to link partnerships, as well as BOB Creative Lab, who will support us with the creation of NFT for the foundation, for the benefit of the Carpathian brown bears.

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