V7 Startup Studio is for self-sufficient, fully capable people who are highly motivated to work on their own businesses with passion, while exchanging knowledge, ideas and inspiration with others.

About V7 Studio

V7 Startup Studio is a boutique coworking space in the heart of Bucharest. Our space connects startups from all possible stages, investors, leading influencers, independent workers and freelancers to build relationships that matter. V7 Startup Studio fosters innovation and provides you with everything you need to be more productive than working from home or from a coffee shop. Within a more professional and collaborative setting, most coworkers believe that being productive and focusing more on their business pays off for the membership cost. Our aim is to empower people like you to make a change and create a better world through entrepreneurial initiatives. V7 Startup Studio is the place to focus & meet inspiring people.

Our members come from all professions and industries, and cover a broad range of specialties. Some of them run their own businesses, while some work remotely for companies in other cities. Some are freelance workers, and some are startups just looking for space to work from to get a project off the ground. We all benefit from working around others, whether or not we work on the same type of work. We believe in the power of sharing and the power of co-creation.

V7 Startup Studio is located in the heart of the city in close proximity to Victoriei Avenue and the Romanian Athenaeum and close to renowned hotels like Radisson Blu, Athenee Palace Hilton, Mercure Hotel and many others, more exactly on George Enescu street, no. 11 – 11 A. Our space is situated on two floors – the mezzanine and the attic. We are a five-minute walk from the Romana Metro station and other public transport stations, the easiest ways to reach us.

Residents and visitors can always park on George Enescu street if there are any places available. If not, we recommend parking in Piața Amzei or in Piața George Enescu (in front of the Athenaeum), both at a five-minute walk from our space.

Everyone can access our coworking space from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 9 PM. Members with monthly passes have access to our facilities 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The access system is only possible with an individual keycard). For security reasons, we also have constant video surveillance (CCTV) of the entrance in the building.

V7 Startup Studio Memberships

You can join our community by firstly requesting a tour here. We want to meet all our applicants in order to guarantee that we enrich our community with every single new member.

Besides, being a V7 Startup Studio member has its own perks: starting with a place to work from (a hot desk) and community events, members gain a whole number of benefits from being part of our community.

Everyone can access our coworking space which is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM while members will have access 24/7 with the following benefits:

    • flexible desks
    • meeting rooms
    • printing & scanning
    • coffee, tea and water
    • a library with carefully curated business books
    • phone booths
    • postal service with an address at V7 Startup Studio
    • lounge space to spend some quiet time and read
    • a kitchenette
    • WiFi
    • Lockers

What’s more, you will have access to numerous benefits from businesses that work from our studio and you will be part of our online & offline community via Nexudus app & community events. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people! Also, members can host events in the attic or mezzanine upon request at discounted rates.

Yes, we like your friends! Our members are allowed to have two guests with them at a time in our community spaces. If you need to have more external people in the space (e.g. meeting with investors, clients, workshops) – you have to book a meeting room in advance, and let our team know the names of the people that you expect in our space.

Although we do not have a limit on the number of guests that you may bring into the space, generally once the same person has been signed in 5 or more times within a one-month period, we reach out to the member to try to understand a little more about why this person is visiting. The main reason for us making this enquiry is to find out whether it perhaps makes sense for this person to apply for a membership with us, and thereby see what they may be able to contribute to our community.

Please keep notice that as a V7 Startup Studio member you are responsible for your guests while they are in our space.

Yes, if you’re a member, no problem. We offer the opportunity to receive business letters or packages for your company which can be picked up at our front desk (for further details, ask our team).

Meeting Rooms

Certainly! Our membership includes the option to book meeting rooms for up to two hours per day. Members can check the availability and book the meeting rooms by themselves, using their own Nexudus mobile app or directly on the tablets placed at the entrance of each room.
We just ask you that for longer meetings or big groups (up to 10 people) you book one of the meeting rooms. For an informal chat or a meeting with a client, the coffee place from the Attic or the Wineful Bar from the ground floor are probably better places for these kind of gatherings.
The cancellation policy states that members may edit or cancel their reservation up to 60 minutes before the beginning.

V7 Startup Studio has two meeting rooms, one in the Attic and the other one on Mezzanine level and they can host up to 10 people. They’re equipped with a Smart TV & whiteboard. Meeting rooms are free of charge for members. Any person wishing to book a meeting room that isn’t a V7 Startup Studio member should email grow@v7studio.ro for prices and availability. Meeting rooms start at €20 per hour and are subject to availability and number of persons.

*At your request, our partners at Wineful bar can provide you with full catering options.


For the Nomad passes, you can instantly pay online, via our website, once you choose your desired pass. For the Resident pass, after a first meeting with our team, we will send you an onboarding email with all the necessary details and the payment link.

For your first month of subscription, you will be billed immediately upon purchase. Thereafter, you will be billed every 30 days until you cancel.


V7 Startup Studio offers two different floors (the Attic and the Mezzanine) upon request to host your events, and we give preferential rates to our members. Find more information and get in touch with us here.

Of course! At our community events you can participate free of charge. We will also have some limited seats for outside the community participants but in exchange of an entrance fee. For most of the events that are not organized by us there will be an entrance fee.

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